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A neurocomputational approach to supra modulatory neural networks bound to electromangnetic wave activity

Autor:Eugenio Vargas Peña
Editorial:Vargas Pesoa, Eugenio
Materia:Ciencia de los computadores
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For decades researchers in the neurophysiological field have tried to understand how the brain represents the environment. Such representation was mainly explained by means of the concept at the time, that neurotransmission was due to action potentials from one cell to another.
With the advent of computers great advance was obtained, as the transmission taking place in long chains of neural assemblies could be exemplified and simulated with programs; this methods started the era of neurocomputation.
The study of the function of the brain by means of the EEG added a new component in the understanding of the representation of the environment by the brain. It was found experimentally that brain waves registered by the EEG changed frequencies and amplitude, with the incoming inputs as in the case of alpha activity. When opening the eyes, the amplitude decreases and frequency increases. Professor Johnjoe MacFadden in Surrey began considering transmission within the brain was more effectively explained by means of electromagnetic waves, similar as those registered by the electroencephalogram.
This particular work has expanded the idea of how electromagnetic waves could also form part of the brain’s environmental representations by the cortex. Experiments with computer programmes showed that this condition was possible by considering the nature of the stimulus in regard to the brain waves and the transformation of trains of action potentials into electromagnetic waves. This book gradually explains how this probability could be feasible and considers the idea that it could also explain the elementary roots of thought’s configuration.


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